Friday, November 03, 2006

CSC Sponsors Rally of JMU Students has this coverage of James Madison University students' anti-Title IX rally in Washington yesterday. Buried and unexplained in the report is a brief mention that the students' rally was "sponsored" by the College Sports Council and the Independent Women's Forum. (USA Today described the students rallying under the "auspices" of the CSC, "an advocacy group for men's sports.")

These two organizations have been opposed to Title IX long before JMU cut ten of its athletic teams (we've discussed CSC's anti-Title IX litigation here). This makes me question what it means for an organization to "sponsor" or provide "auspice" to a student rally. Students at JMU are understandably outraged by the loss of their teams. They are vulnerable and looking for something to blame. I happen to think that the blame cast on Title IX is misplaced, but that aside, and more importantly, I hope that these students are not being manipulated by the anti-Title IX agenda.

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