Thursday, February 15, 2007

Single-Sex Classrooms So Boys Can Play Football?

That is what this article about single-sex classroom in Oklahoma seems to be suggesting...
According to Shelly Hickman, spokeswoman for the Oklahoma State Department of Education, the move to single-gender classes isn't a widespread trend by any means. Only a couple of other schools in the state, one in Oklahoma City and one in Edmond, have started pilot programs to measure the benefits and drawbacks. Those programs began this school year, after the reinterpretation of Title IX.

Hulbert, on the other hand, has had single-gender classes for several years at the fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-grade levels.

"We originally did this when they put football in for the sixth-graders," said McMahan [a Hulbert teacher]. "We just couldn't work a schedule out without splitting the classes. Some of the parents didn't care for it at first, but I think, now, most of them don't have a problem with it."
As we've noted, much of the concern about the new single-sex classroom policy is that it allows schools to segregate classes based on "overly broad generalizations about the different talents, capacities, or preferences of males and females."

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