Monday, March 19, 2007

"A different approach"

This article about the athletic department at Minnesota State Mankato illustrates that Title IX compliance doesn't always mean cutting sports.
In fact administrators at Mankato, who thought about cutting some men's minor sports to compensate for the growing roster sizes, figured that it could possibly cost them more to cut these sports in the long run as compared to the short-term savings.
Says Athletic Director Kevin Buisman:
"Ultimately, it was determined it would do more harm than good. We felt like we would alienate alumni, and when we looked at the cost savings versus the damage that would be done with our donors, we decided to take a different approach."
So the university added bowling and increased the rosters in other women's sports. The university gave them $500,000 to implement the changes.
And if you continue to read the article you will see that both the men's and women's programs at this DII school are doing very well since the decision.

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