Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Education Sector Blog Criticizes Title IX Backlash

Education Sector is an independent, nonprofit think tank that analyzes education policy. The organization's blog, The Quick and the Ed, posted recently to criticize the Title IX backlash from organizations like CSC, IWF, and Equity in Athletics. Their point is familiar to readers of this blog but they put it so nicely, so here's an excerpt:
But scapegoating Title IX and letting the universities off the hook is inaccurate and certainly isn't going to help male or female "student athletes". The real problem? Faced with hard decisions about how to invest equitably in men's and women's athletics, institutions are simply not willing to touch the glory sports: football and men's basketball. ...No one's trying to cut men in favor of women (male collegiate athletes still outnumber female athletes)- they're cutting what doesn't matter to them in exchange for what does.

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