Sunday, November 04, 2007

Gymnastics team gets their space back

Late in the summer we heard about a high school gymnastics team in California that had their dedicated gym taken away from them to install a weight room that allegedly would be used primarily by male football players. The trial, initiated by parents upset that the team's permanent space was being taken away, has been postponed due to a serious medical condition suffered by a key witness, co-principal Diane Brown who was to testify that Wilson High School is in compliance with Title IX. [See stories here and here.]
In the meanwhile the team is getting their space back until the new trial. Good news for them given that their access to a different, non-permanent, non-dedicated gym has meant reduced practice time. Setting up and taking down equipment means a mere twenty minutes of practice on the days they are allowed to practice.
Unfortunately, the spring floor the team fundraised for may have been damaged in the move this summer and may not be able to be reinstalled.
The new trial is scheduled for early December.

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