Saturday, December 22, 2007

Confusion at Slippery Rock

Not too long ago we reported that the Title IX issues at Slippery Rock University that seemed to settle in 2006 were back. Relying on the student newspaper's account of the story, we thought that the case had been reopened. According to President Robert Smith, it has not, though the Women's Law Project, which represents the original 12 plaintiffs, has sent a letter to the judge requesting the case be reopened.

Smith contends, and says that the District Court supports this position, that SRU is now in compliance with Title IX. He seems to be referring only to the number of opportunities, though. He told the Student Government Association that the number of opportunities for female student-athletes has risen and that men's opportunities have been cut since 2006.

But we don't know if the request to reopen the case is only about opportunities--or if it is at all.

There is not much news circulating about this right now and I suspect there won't be any until the judge decides to address the Women's Law Project's letter.