Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hogshead-Makar to help CU

As part of its multimillion dollar sexual harassment settlement last fall the University of Colorado agreed to hire a Title IX adviser and they filled that position recently with Title IX expert, author, law professor, and Olympic gold medalist Nancy Hogshead-Makar. Hogshead-Makar is keeping busy these days. She has been involved in former FGCU volleyball coach Jaye Flood's lawsuit. She also just co-edited a book with Andrew Zimbalist, Equal Play: Title IX and Social Change.
I don't suspect that she will give up her Florida commitments--like her position at Florida Coastal School of Law though the news brief was not very clear about the nature or duration of the position. Regardless, it seems she will be making some visits to Colorado as she embarks on this new job.

We here at the Title IX Blog send her many congratulations, best wishes (and maybe a pair of mittens)!

UPDATE: According to the Denver Post, Hogshead-Makar will continue to live in Florida but travel to CU to do her evaluation (which is only focused on sexual harassment; it is not a comprehensive Title IX review). Also, I should have added to her current list of projects the similar work she is doing at University of North Carolina.
The Daily Camera, CU's student newspaper, reports that it is a five-year position and that she will be taking a sabbatical next year.