Thursday, October 16, 2008

The benefits of precedent

As Erin wrote yesterday, FGCU has settled three of the lawsuits it had on its hands. Pat Griffin's dubbing of FGCU as Fresno East certainly became even more appropriate with the news that FGCU had settled with former volleyball coach Jaye Flood, former golf coach Holly Vaughn, and former university counsel Wendy Morris.
I don't have much to add to the news or yesterday's post, but I thought it was important to point out that if all the trouble that Fresno State went through recently had not have happened; if some of those women had not come forward, we might not have seen this settlement.
I think it's just so lovely when precedent (not in the legal sense in this situation) actually works in favor of the historically oppressed and marginalized. It is unfortunate that Flood will not be reinstated as part of the settlement, though given that both Carl McAloose and Kathy Peterson who set out to get rid of Flood are still around, I am somewhat surprised that she would want to return. She's a winning and committed coach, I hope someone snaps her up. It will certainly be FGCU's loss.
There is, though, a seemingly loose end in the FGCU situation: Gina Ramacci. Ramacci, an assistant softball coach, filed a complaint with the school regarding the non-renewal of her contract. But last we heard, investigation into the complaint had gotten held up.
Overall it's a pretty good day for female coaches. Wishing I had some FGCU volleyball or golf gear to proudly sport on a day like today.