Saturday, December 13, 2008

More good booster news

Taking off of Erin's recent post about the Benicia High School booster club, I just thought I would mention this little piece of news about the Elk Lake (PA) school board. (Especially since there seems to be a lot happening lately in PA high schools regarding Title IX.) A proposal by a member of the boys' basketball booster club to charge admission to games was turned down by the school board. The booster club wanted the money from ticket sales to offset the cost of sending members of the team to basketball camp over the summer. But the school district was concerned about the Title IX ramifications. Board member and superintendent William Bush said this: "The proposal is only for boys' basketball, and with Title IX there may be some legal ramifications if we didn't do the same for the girls' team." As I said, it's not huge news. Rather I bring it up here because it seems to suggest that there's a widening awareness not just of Title IX by non-sports administrators, but about the specific issues of gender equity including booster clubs. We certainly hope this is a trend!