Monday, March 09, 2009

New retaliation case

In Washington a former coach has filed a lawsuit against the middle school that fired her. Terra Solkey, who coached girls' basketball asserts that she lost her coaching job when she started to raise some issues over the inequitable treatments of female athletes in her school.

Solkey was also a teacher at the school and contends she was pushed out of this position as well. The Federal Way School District has asked the judge to throw out the lawsuit.

Solkey contends that no action was taken when boys who were athletes became academically ineligible to play. Also that the school's elimination of the gymnastics program was a Title IX violation. She argues that her complaints to the administration resulted in her not being hired as head coach for a second year and a myriad of petty actions to make her life in the classroom (she actually had her classroom taken away!) more difficult.