Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We're sorry to see you go

It is with great amount of sadness that we report, to those who do not yet know, that the Women's Sports Foundation has decided to eliminate the It Takes a Team initiative to eliminate homophobia in sports. Run by Dr. Pat Griffin for the past five years, WSF cited budget woes as the reason behind the decision which will result in the end of the program at the end of January.
We at the Title IX Blog have been very grateful for the opportunity to see Dr. Griffin and the efforts of It Takes a Team in action. Its demise is a huge loss and certainly leaves a gap in the education of athletes and those involved in athletics around issues of sexuality and gender identity.
Dr. Griffin has posted about the cut on her blog--which she will keep writing. She does plan on continuing her work in some form. And we offer her any support we can in whatever her future plans are.