Saturday, April 10, 2010

The week of reinstatements? UNF follows DSU

Mere weeks ago, the University of North Florida announced it would be cutting its women's swimming and diving program in order to focus on its core group of sports, a focus that included distribution of monies and providing competitive opportunities for its student-athletes.
But it appears school administrators have changed their minds. Apparently they realized that cutting the team would have an effect on gender equity in the athletics department.
I am having a couple of "nanny, nanny poo-poo" (childish, I know) moments with this news. First because it took me less than five minutes to figure out that cutting the team would likely affect the department's proportionately. And I had to go to a website to find the relevant data. I assume UNF has it, along with a calculator, at the ready. It makes me wonder whether schools are just going to cut women's sports and wait to see if they get caught.
And second, Swimming World magazine (online) reported on the reinstatement. Some in the swimming community, including this particular publication, have been a little harsh on Title IX and blamed the legislation for loss of swimming and diving programs. Let's note that Title IX has saved the UNF program.