Friday, October 29, 2010

Superintendents Say the Darndest Things...

And we wondered why schools needed a reminder of their obligation to protect students against sexual harassment and sex-based bullying? Here's one superintendent, actually complaining about the recent OCR guidance letter:
"This is an incredible expansion of Title IX," Godfrey-Lee [Michigan] Superintendent David Britten said. "This was something intended for the college level for equality in athletics, expanded into the high school arena and now it’s going to tap right down all the way to pre-school."
Read the statute, Mr. Britten. It actually says nothing about colleges and nothing about athletics. It is a general statute that prohibits all manner of sex discrimination in all educational institutions that receive federal funds. What are they teaching in superintendent school?

Mr. Britten at least went on to say how his district is nevertheless compliant, having recently "revamped its policies" and incorporated efforts to educate freshman about "the topic." So he's apparently just opposed on principle to federal intervention. So how about a poster-child for federal intervention? I nominate Clint McCance, school board member in Arkansas, who lashed out at recent efforts to raise awareness about life-threatening bullying by encouraging all "queers" to commit suicide. With people like this running the education system in our country, no wonder bullying is still met with deliberate indifference.