Friday, February 04, 2011

Report ready for digestion in PA

Title IX consultant Peg Pennepacker finished her report on the gender disparities within Hazleton School District in Pennsylvania. We wrote about this situation just over a year ago. Interestingly, the reporting of the complaint about the lack (i.e. none) of middle school girls' sports in the winter seemed to be more focused on whether girls' basketball should be moved out of the spring season to its traditional winter season.
But the raising of the concern clearly triggered an investigation and brought Pennepacker into the situation. Her report goes a lot further than just winter sports, too. (Sometimes educational administrators are not very smart.) A large concern highlighted in the report seems to be the use of booster donations. Or at least that is what people are talking about. And it seems the ad-hoc committee, created in order to "digest" the report, is getting on the booster club issue immediately, suggesting that there be a district-wide booster club policy and that financial audits of booster clubs be conducted.
And I can see why a special digestion committee is necessary. Here are the rest of the items that "warrant action" in order to achieve Title IX compliance.

Increase number of participation opportunities.

- Improve equality in supply and condition of athletic equipment and supplies.

- Improve scheduling use of athletic facilities including locker rooms, practice and competition facilities.

- Re-evaluate team transportation and meal allocations.

- Recruit best-qualified coaches and offer coach training.

- Make publicity and promotional activities available to all groups.

- Improve game and practice scheduling.

- Re-evaluate access to training facilities and medical services