Monday, December 12, 2011

Cal State students file harassment complaint

About a month ago I read about issues of harassment on the Cal State San Marco campus. At that time it seemed that groups of students were being targeted by a kind-of, sort-of campus publication whose purpose is hate-mongering. The publication called The Koala is actually a former Cal State San Diego publication that its founder (a CSUSD grad) has turned into a for-profit venture on several CSU campuses. It regularly, according to various reports, targets racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities as well.
A group of women and allies who did not enjoy the hostile content directed at women as a class (and some personal attacks against more outspoken women) and citing the publication's creation of a hostile and intimidating climate on campus, went to the administration seeking some redress. But they received none from the university. And so they filed a Title IX complain with OCR.
There continues to be pressure on the administration to take action against the publication including a petition at

Title IX expert and adjunct professor of law, Wendy Murphy, is helping in the complaint process.