Monday, February 20, 2012

USC equestrians to receive locker room

A gender equity consultant hired by the University of Southern California found that the university must remedy an equal treatment disparity. Apparently, a problem about which the athletic department has been well aware will be fixed soon(ish--dependent on funding). The equestrian team is getting a locker room right next to its practice facility. There is a "lounge" there currently but no showers or lockers. As part of the new facility, which is expected to cost just under half a million dollars, a tack room will be added where students can store saddles.
No information on the above linked article about why USC hired a gender equity consultant or if s/he found anything else of note.
What I found interesting was that the team, which won the national championships in 2005, has grown since that time. The team now averages around 40 riders (and there will be 40 lockers in the new facility). The year it won the championship it had around 25 members. This roster growth offers come insight into how the school is demonstrating compliance with Title IX's equal opportunity provision. Good to see that as they add roster spots, they are also paying attention to the quality of the opportunities provided.