Friday, May 04, 2012

Title IX Coverage Ramps Up in Anniversary Year

It's hard to keep up with all the Title IX news this spring.  Title IX's 40th anniversary is in June, and the media is ramping up its coverage of our favorite statute.  So far, most of what I've seen has a sports/athletics angle, much of it celebrating women's accomplishments in sports in the last 40 years.  While many of these retrospective pieces are not "news" per se, the fact of so much coverage surely is, so I want to make sure to acknowledge them here on the blog.  Here is some of the recent coverage of Title IX's 40th that I've seen:
  • Sports Illustrated has a special 40th anniversary issue, including
    • Ann Killion comments on the cultural change evoked by Title IX. 
    • Beverly Oden comments on the impact of Title IX on women's lives.
    • Holly Anderson praises Pat Summitt, Title IX, for gaining respect for women's sports. 
    • And SI counts down the "top forty" female athletes.
  • At Huffington Post, Judy Patrick summarizes the success of Title IX in athletics and the classroom.
  • ESPNW profiles Birch Bayh, the Senator who sponsored the Title IX bill.  
  • ESPNW profiles lacrosse coach Pat Genovese, 
  • ESPNW demystifies Title IX with "Five Myths About Title IX."
  • The Boston Globe celebrates Title IX's 40th.
  • Helena Independent Record reports on how local athletes reflect on Title IX. 
  • Daily Texan carries this article on Title IX's effect on women's college golf. 
So much media agrees -- Title IX is worth celebrating! There's still a long way to go, and not everyone is on board with the positive message (see, e.g.).  But it's great to see so much positive coverage in the media.  Title IX has only lasted this long due to overwhelming public support.  I think that the 40th anniversary coverage can only help as the law gears up to tackle the remaining challenges ahead.