Monday, June 25, 2012

More anniversary coverage

Just wanted to note that Only a Game, an NPR program out of Boston, devoted its entire show this past Saturday to Title IX's anniversary. There were some great pieces and persons featured. Friend-of-the-blog Nancy Hogshead-Makar opened the show. There was a great piece about head injuries which included Mary Jo Kane of the Tucker Center. There was a focus on Brown University and its role in one of Title IX's watershed moments.* There was a debate between ESPN writer Peter Keating who recently wrote, as we noted, about the NCAA's scholarship limits and American Sports Council's Eric Pearson.
Definitely worth listening to!

*Also learned that former Brown women's hockey coach, Digit Murphy (who was interviewed for the segment because she testified against the school in 93), applied for the job coaching the men's team toward the end of her career and despite "nailing the interview" did not get the job.