Thursday, September 06, 2012

Oregon parent pursues lawsuit

In July we wrote about Randy Anderson, a parent of a softball player in the Seaside School District in Oregon. He was challenging the lack of access the girls' softball team had to the city's new premier athletic facility. The school district later announced that they would indeed allow the softball team to use the field--along with the football, baseball, and soccer teams. But Anderson says access to the field is not the only issue and so he is pursuing the lawsuit against the district.
Anderson's lawyer wrote in a statement that there are issues "regarding practice and competitive facilities, locker rooms, training facilities, equipment and supplies, travel and transportation, coaches and coaching facilities, scheduling of games and practice times publicity, funding and equal athletic participation opportunities."
In other words--pretty much everything.
I am not sure how effective a lawsuit will be unless others in addition to Anderson (whose daughter will eventually graduate) join in. It might be helpful to file an OCR complaint. It would trigger an investigation, which can have the effect of making schools a little more (re)active.