Thursday, December 13, 2012

Butte Enters Voluntary Resolution Agreement

Butte (Montana) School  District No. 1. has entered into a voluntary resolution agreement with the Office for Civil Rights that will resolve a Title IX complaint filed against the district challenging inequities in the athletic facilities available for male and female students.  As we noted earlier this year, the complaint was filed by former softball coaches, who complained that their team had to play in a city park of inferior quality to the school's new stadium that was available for boys' football.  The resolution agreement requires the school district to investigate its locker rooms, practice and competitive facilities, by December 31.  It then has until January 14 to devise a plan to remediate any inequalities revealed by that investigation, which it must then execute.  If the district fails to adhere to the terms of the agreement, OCR will reopen its investigation into the complaint.

Note: this post was updated on Dec. 14 to correct that the school's stadium is for football, not baseball as earlier reported.  Baseball is not a high school sport in Montana.