Saturday, March 16, 2013

Complaint Alleged Against Clark College

A Title IX complaint was filed against Clark College in Vancouver, WA, alleging that "campus softball facilities, equipment and supplies, and publicity are not being offered to women equal and comparable to the superior accommodations provided male baseball programs at its Clark College campus."  The complaint provides a long list of ways in which the softball team receives inferior treatment, including the dugout, equipment storage, backstops, toilets, spectator seating, scoreboards, drinking water, foul poles, field maintenance, drainage, fences, concessions, and publicity.  The Department of Education will now determine whether to investigate and how to resolve the matter. 

Clark College has had Title IX problems before.  In 2010, it paid half a million dollars to a former women's basketball coach after he prevailed in his case that he was fired in retaliation for advocating gender equity for his team.