Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jackson Alleges Continued Retaliation

Roderick Jackson, the Birmingham, Alabama coach whose case established Supreme Court precedent about Title IX's application to retaliation, recently alleged that he has been "permanently blackballed" from coaching in the city schools since his case settled four years ago.  He filed a complaint with the EEOC earlier this month, claiming that he has applied for more than 20 coaching positions within the Birmingham City Schools, and has only received one interview.  And he was passed over for that position, he says, in favor of a person less experienced and qualified.  He believes that the school district's failure to hire him is retaliation for having initially spoken out about gender equity affecting his girls basketball team at Ensley High School, the predicate to his Supreme Court case, as well as for advocating the enforcement of a settlement agreement that ended his case by requiring the district to ensure equal athletic opportunities for girls throughout the district.   

The EEOC has 180 days to conduct an investigation of his claim.