Monday, August 12, 2013

Settlement in Indiana bullying case

The story and case of Darnell "Dynasty" Young was one that we have not covered. Young was expelled for bringing a stun gun to school as a form of protection against students who were harassing him because of his gender expression and sexual orientation. Young, now 18, filed a lawsuit in August 2012 against the school district alleging that it did not do enough to protect him against the harassment. Young was harassed because he sometimes chose to wear accessories and clothing that were deemed more feminine (but within the school's dress code). School officials to whom Young reported the harassment told him he was bringing it on himself through his sartorial choices and that he should try to be less flamboyant. The settlement, announced in early July and subject to a judge's approval, includes $65,000 to Young as well as the erasure of Young's expulsion from all his records. Young is starting college this fall and said the money will go towards starting an anti-bullying magazine. He also plans on speaking about bullying in various Indiana schools and would like to start an anti-bullying campaign when he finishes college.