Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Will states fill in the gaps?

The Connecticut legislature has sent to the desk of Governor Daniel Malloy a bill that implements specific policies for how Connecticut colleges and universities must deal with reports of sexual assault. The law applies to both public and private schools and was motivated, in part, by the complaints University of Connecticut students filed earlier this year which outlined the problems they encountered throughout the university system in reporting and trying to resolved their respective cases.
The law is being called the strongest in the country, in part because it mandates some of the White House's recommendations and best practices.
The bill includes provisions for partnerships with community sexual assault and health centers so as to provide students medical care. It also calls for written policies and procedures to be provided immediately to every student who reports a sexual assault in order to guide her/him through the process.
And, like the Clery Act at the federal level, the new law would require schools to report incidents of sexual assault to the Connecticut General Assembly.
The law passed both chambers unanimously but the governor's office has only said that he will review it when it arrives on his desk.