Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Five More Universities Under Investigation

The Department of Education announced today that it has opened five additional investigations into  campuses policies and practices surrounding sexual violence, bringing to 60 the previous tally of 55 that had been announced by the Department earlier this month.  The five institutions are: University of Akron, the University of Alaska system, University of Delaware, Elmira College in New York, and Cisco Junior College in Texas.

Huffington Post had earlier reported about a complaint filed about Akron, which contained allegations that that its sexual assault policies were copied from another school's and, as a result, contained references to offices that did not even exist at the university. That complaint also charged the university with delay and careless investigation practices. Otherwise, we know little about the specific nature of these investigations, such as whether they were initiated by a complaint or were undertaken by the agency's own initiative. 

HuffPo is keeping track of all of the sexual assault-related Title IX investigations and pending complaints on a handy Google map