Thursday, June 04, 2015

Another female coach leaves Minnesota Duluth

The hits just keep on coming for University of Minnesota Duluth Athletics.

The women's basketball coach, Annette Wiles, who has compiled a winning record over seven seasons with the Bulldogs, has resigned her position citing the unhealthy work environment. She is the third female coach to leave this year. Hockey coach Shannon Miller was not brought back (her contract expired at the end of the academic year) allegedly because of financial reasons. She was told her salary was too high. The director of hockey operations--who is also the softball coach--was also let go. Though administrators say Jen Banford was only let go from her DOO position, not coaching, but this meant a renegotiated contract with a significant pay cut, so she resigned.

Wiles also left as she was attempting to negotiate a contract (an extension for the one set to expire this summer). A statement to the press from her lawyers, the same  ones who are representing Miller and Banford, states the athletic director Josh Berlo refused to discuss this with her.

The news of Wiles's departure was also accompanied by more information about the status of Miller's and Banford's legal actions against UMD. Complaints have been filed with the Equal Employment Commission and they are preparing for a lawsuit. It is not clear whether Wiles will join that lawsuit.