Tuesday, August 02, 2016

CA bill says no exemptions

Just a couple of weeks after Pepperdine University told OCR that it no longer needed its exemption from Title IX, a proposed bill in the California legislature would prevent discrimination against LGBT students (which is what those of us who critique the exemptions argue is happening). To be considered tomorrow (Wednesday), the bill states that any religiously affiliated school that receives money from the state of California may not discriminate against LGBT individuals.

The biggest area affected by this would likely be financial aid in the form of California state scholarships. Though I imagine state bonds for facilities and other such state-assisted projects and research would also put those schools on the hook for compliance--or rather non-discrimination.

In short, no exemptions for religious schools in California if the bill passes. The usual sides emerged when the bill was proposed: religious freedom versus anti-discrimination for LGBT people. If this bill does get passed, there is a potentially interesting conversation about whether Title IX exemptions on religious grounds should have to meet a higher standard.