Thursday, August 04, 2011

Settlement Ends Litigation Over WVU Tech Softball Facilities

A federal court in West Virginia dismissed a Title IX case against the University of West Virginia Institute of Technology after it agreed to improve facilities for its women's softball team. The lawsuit was filed in 2008 by two softball players after WVU Tech ostensibly reneged on promised improvements. The parties had been trying to settle for a while.

According to the judge's decision endorsing the consent decree, WVU Tech hired a full-time head coach for the team, and has entered into an agreement with the local school district to use softball facilities at a nearby high school for the softball team's games and practices. Meanwhile, the university will pursue a long-term solution that provides for the renovation of the on-campus facility. Based on an initial feasibility study that was submitted to the court, the judge found that the "proposed renovations would afford the women's softball team suitable facilities."

The court maintains jurisdiction over the consent decree to ensure compliance.