Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hush-hush complaints in Florida

Florida Gulf Coast University is investigating an "ethics complaint" that allegedly came from outside the university and cites inequitable treatment of men's and women's teams. But that's all the information we are getting from FGCU where administrators will not say where the complaint(s) came from or what, specifically, they cite as inequitable. FGCU has not met the proportionality standard but appears to be working to increase the opportunities for female student-athletes by adding women's soccer and swimming.

This article attempts to run through the potential violations FGCU could be facing such as practice schedules, coach salaries, and scholarship allotment. But the only thing the reporter, supported by Women's Sports Foundation CEO Donna Lopiano, could come up with as perhaps problematic was the scheduling of basketball doubleheaders where the women's team was always relegated to the "warm-up act" position and then men's team got the primetime slot. The FGCU president has said that no one in the athletic department will be allowed to comment while the investigation is underway.

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