Wednesday, June 27, 2007

JMU & Rutgers on ESPN's Outside the Lines

Outside the Lines (OTL) on Sunday aired a story about the decisions of JMU and Rutgers to cut sports. Previous posts have discussed the situation at JMU. I haven't watched the piece but an article in the Daily News Record highlights the OTL episode. Jeff Bourne, Athletic Director at JMU, was interviewed for the piece and defended the decision to cut 10 sports (7 men's and 3 women's sports) stating the school was not in compliance with Title IX. I won't delve into this as a previous post has already done that. Myles Brand, President of the NCAA was also interviewed and apparently kindly reminded the audience that "Title IX is a 'scapegoat' for schools that want to focus on revenue sports." It will be interesting to see if any hackles get raised on either side of this issue because of this OTL report.

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