Thursday, May 01, 2008

Alhambra High School Softball Team Celebrates New Field

Four years ago, softball players at Alhambra (California) High School sued the Alhambra School District, challenging the disparity between their crappy softball field and the boys' new $900,000 baseball complex as a violation Title IX. After two years of litigation, the District settled, agreeing to construct a two new softball fields with "the same amenities and maintenance as the baseball fields" available to the boys.

On Tuesday, the softball team finally played their first game on the new field. The original plaintiffs, their lawyers, and school officials were all in attendance for a special ceremony to open the new field. KABC in Los Angeles covered the story on the evening news.

According to their lawyers at the California Women's Law Center and the Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center, Cruz v. Alhambra School District was the first high school Title IX case in California.