Wednesday, May 07, 2008

PA whistleblower revealed

A few weeks ago I wrote about the then-anonymous Title IX complaint against Central Bucks School District in Pennsylvania. The superintendent, Robert Laws, was somewhat confused over who would do this and why.
Well all has been revealed. Robert Landau filed the complaint alleging inequities in facilities, practice and game scheduling. Landau is not a parent of an athlete or a former athlete in the district. He is not a coach, teacher, or administrator. He doesn't even live in the district. He is just a man who believes that women's and girls' sports, of which he is a fan, should get equitable treatment. Last year he filed complaints in two other PA school districts.
Landau began his activism in 1994 when his favorite girls' basketball team, Cheltenham, played their championship game in the high school when the boys' game was played in an arena. He got a court to issue an injunction against the boys' game and the district gave in after only three hours and agreed to hold the girls' game in the same location.
And he has been a fan and advocate ever since.

OCR has met with district representatives who have until July to file a report that will be used to evaluate their compliance.