Thursday, October 29, 2009

Early talk of retaliation in firing of tennis coach

Last week, Ball State University in Indiana fired its women's tennis coach. Kathy Bull was in her 22nd year as head coach of the team. The firing, according to the athletic department, is the result of NCAA violations. Ball State, until earlier this month, had been on NCAA probation due to a textbook scandal several years ago. In their two-year probation period they self-reported 27 secondary violations. Two of those concerned women's tennis. But if these are the violations in question, we do not know.
One would think that such an abrupt firing in mid-season would be the result of more than two secondary infractions. (By way of comparison, the football team had 5 secondary violations during the same probation period.)
The surprise announcement has a few people thinking retaliation.
Bull had told Ball State's student newspaper that the university was under investigation for gender equity violations.
And this editorial questions whether her firing has anything to do with her complaints about Title IX violations and gender equity within athletics.
The gender equity complaints are still under investigation and Bull has not commented on her firing let alone whether she will pursue a wrongful termination lawsuit.