Sunday, February 28, 2010

NAGWS Produces Title IX DVD

The National Association of Girls and Women and Sport recently produced a new Title IX DVD resource in conjunction with Bowling Green State University and WBGS-PBS. Title IX: Implications for Women in Sport and Education is a 3-discs documentary that provides a comprehensive overview of history and contemporary issues related to Title IX. It describes participation in and governance of women's sport prior to Title IX's mandate for equitable opportunities and treatment of women's teams, the role of Title IX in expanding athletic opportunities for women, and political and legal efforts to weaken Title IX. Moreover, it is not shy about discuss collateral and unintended effects of Title IX, such as its more limited success in expanding opportunities for women of color, the decrease in female leadership in coaching and administration, and the perception that Title IX is harmful to men's sports.

The program is well suited to classroom instruction, as it is broken down thematically into 14 chapters that are suitable for classroom viewing. Each chapter ends with discussion questions to help students focus on and retain relevant information.

You -- or your library! -- can order your own copy here.