Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Community saves sports at Bakersfield

In February we noted that CSU Bakersfield was, due to budget shortfalls, being forced to cut four sports: golf (MW), tennis (W), and wrestling (M).
But community members and donors have rallied in what appears to be two separate campaigns to raise money to keep the sports going for at least another year, maybe even two. The preexisting Roadrunners' Club has raised $500,000 and a new organization simply called Save the Sports has raised $700,000. The combined total gets the university every close to the $1.4 million that is estimated to be needed to keep all four programs supported for two years. But if fundraising stalls or the numbers change, CSU-B president Horace Mitchell reminds us that the state funding is just not available. These sports must remain self-supporting. At least in the near future. But Mitchell is certainly pleased to keep these four sports for a little while longer.