Monday, January 03, 2011

FGCU Trial On the Horizon

The Naples Daily News reports that the wrongful termination lawsuit filed by Florida Gulf Coast University's former provost Bonnie Yegidis will soon go to trial. Yegidis has claimed that FGCU President Wilson Bradshaw forced her to resign her in retaliation for urging a thorough investigation of female coaches' Title IX concerns. Pretrial motions are scheduled for later this month, which will be followed by juror-selection and a two- to three-day trial.

At one time, four lawsuits had been filed against FGCU arising out of the university's response to coaches' allegations of sex discrimination in athletics. But the university settled with former coaches Jaye Flood ($2.96 million) and Holly Vaughn ($435,000), as well as former university counsel Wendy Morris ($800,000). Yegidis's lawsuit is the only one that is still heading towards trial. In light of the earlier settlements, it will be interesting to see what a jury decides on the questions of the university's liability and damages.