Monday, January 31, 2011

Sexual harassment complaint at Syracuse

We apparently missed this story when it was first reported last summer, but a former member of the women's basketball team has filed a complaint against Syracuse University alleging sexual harassment by her coach, Quentin Hillsman. And OCR is investigating the charges. The player is accusing Hillsman of inappropriate behavior that includes touching and texting. Hilsman has denied, in a statement out of SU, the accusations and is currently receiving the support of university administrators.
The complaint was filed by the father of the student, Lynnae Lampkins, who remains at the university but left* the team because of her discomfort with her coach's actions which included butt slapping and chest bumping--of all players--not just Lampkins. Though she believes she was the only one to receive a text from her coach saying "I love you. I miss you. I can't wait to see you."
SU did its own internal investigation when it received the complaint in July 2010 and found no evidence to support the charges.
No word on when OCR will release its findings.

* Though there seems to be some confusion over whether she left or was left out. She is technically being red-shirted this year. Also of concern to some involved is Mr. Lampkins's history of formal complaints against various persons and entitites.