Friday, April 22, 2011

Mankato cutting sports

Somehow it flew under our radar last fall that Minnesota State University Mankato was planning on cutting four sports: men's swimming/diving, women's bowling, and men's and women's tennis.
But they indeed were. And then the student-athletes and their supporters started a campaign to save their sports for at least three years by increasing student fees. The students voted on the non-binding referendum earlier this week. And it passed.
But the university president has opted to go forth with the cuts anyway--with one exception: women's tennis which is being kept for conference affiliation reasons.
Several years ago, I noted that Mankato had been considering cutting sports but opted instead to manage their rosters better and add a women's sport. They believed, at the time, that this would actually save money in the long run. It was a nice idea, but apparently it didn't work out. And the sport that was added--women's bowling--is now being cut.
No explanation from the president on why he chose not to follow the student vote. Title IX does not seem to be a factor in the cuts. Mankato remains in compliance with prong one.