Friday, April 06, 2012

Michigan high school softball field controversy

The girls' softball team in Avondale, Michigan is embarrassed by the condition of their field. And the players and their supporters are wondering where the money earmarked for the facility's improvement have gone--as they stare at the newly renovated boys' baseball facility that has a dedicated field for the junior varsity team. And even as they ask questions about where the promised improvements are, many know nothing will happen in the immediate future. So the girls are working with administrators on an arrangement that would allow the softball team to share the JV team's field. (Not sure how they will deal with the differences in the field dimensions, but I would imagine they have a plan.)
Best line of the article:
At the very least, Avondale made a mistake in timing. After all, shortchanging a female team on the 40th anniversary of Title IX isn't the best way to win plaudits from equal opportunity advocates.