Wednesday, April 04, 2012

New volleyball coach at Quinnipiac

Apparently hedging some bets about whether the court will lift the injunction against the school cutting women's volleyball, Quinnipiac has hired an interim head coach for the program. As you might recall, coach Robin Lamott Sparks was fired and escorted off campus a couple of months ago for reasons that remain unspoken. Yes, there was the bad record--but bad records don't generally warrant security escorts.
Meanwhile, QU has been trying to cut the team, but has been prevented by an injunction that stemmed from the case that became famous for addressing the "is cheerleading a sport" question. QU has requested the injunction be lifted; that issue will be determined later this spring.
Meanwhile, the university has brought on board Kristopher Czaplinski who had been serving as an assistant coach at Post University. He has also been involved in Junior Olympic program.
Not quite sure how the university convinced him to give up an actual job for one that might be gone by the summer. It's possible he will get a shot even if the injunction is lifted. We shall see...