Friday, February 22, 2013

Cuesta College OK says OCR

Well the three-year OCR investigation into opportunities at Cuesta College in California has ended with a finding of no fault on the part of the college. But it is not clear why.
The complaint was filed in 2010 after the women's tennis team was cut due to budget reasons.
Unclear is why an investigation only into one program area--opportunities--took three years. Also, not sure why it was not revealed how Cuesta is meeting its Title IX obligations. It seems as though Cuesta is using prong one and benefiting from the fact that it has more male undergraduates than female ones. Unless this breakdown is a new phenomenon, I have to wonder why the complaint was filed and/or investigated in the first place. If I can run the numbers in less than five minutes...
Was there something else here? Suspicions of roster inflation, perhaps? If so, it does not seem that we will be privy to that information.