Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Resolution in Butte?

The issue of inequitable facilities has been resolved according the Butte (Montana) school district and the Office of Civil Rights. The district has a provided OCR a report that states facilities are now equitable or close to it with efforts in progress or on the schedule to ensure that equity is forthcoming. But community members, including the original complainant, are contesting some of the "facts" of the report. It seems the district might have exaggerated just how close to finished it was with renovations to the softball field. Also the changing room at the softballs is in disrepair and lacks electricity and running water. Bleachers are allegedly not up to code and there is no storage facility--as was promised.
Sid deBarthy, one of the former softball coaches who filed the complaint, said he has contacted OCR about these discrepancies. He is also concerned that the committee created to ensure ongoing Title IX compliance is a little too insular, comprised entirely of school or district officials.