Sunday, February 02, 2014

Sexual Assault Roundup

There's been lots of news about individual colleges' policies and practices regarding sexual assault.   Here is a brief roundup.
In (albeit anecdotal) evidence of colleges taking sexual assault grievances seriously, the University of Michigan expelled a football player for sexual assault. 

Amherst College expelled a student as well.

At the University of Connecticut, OCR is confirmed to have opened an investigation in response to complaints of its mishandling of sexual assault.  A private lawsuit is also underway. 

Swarthmore announced changes to its sexual assault and harassment policies, in response internal investigations prompted by a federal complaint filed last year. 

University of North Carolina reports a stronger partnership between its department of public safety and other parts of campus in support of a more effective sexual assault response. 

Iowa State students are now required to take an online training on violence prevention, as part of its universities efforts to comply with requirements of Title IX.  

The University of Colorado announced the positive results of an external review of its Title IX policies, while setting goals to exceed the minimum requirements of compliance. Separately, the university made news by removing the chair of its department of philosophy, amid allegations of sexual harassment.