Saturday, October 20, 2007

More details on Flood "incident"

FGCU still isn't talking about the issues of "student welfare" that lead to volleyball coach Jaye Flood being placed on administrative leave last Monday. But Nancy Hogshead-Makar, who has been helping Flood challenge the administration's decision, has revealed that the incident in question involved Flood grabbing the shirt of one her players during a practice on October 8.
Hogshead-Makar is quoted as saying "This is just silly." Indeed. In a month or so you'll be able to turn on almost any collegiate basketball game and see coaches grabbing players by the shirts--in public and on national television no less.
So the suspension is: 1) silly; 2) extremely frustrating and, 3) quite revelatory in terms of what FGCU administrators' intentions. They want Flood out. This situation cannot be read as anything other than retaliation for Flood's advocacy for gender equity.
The university has apparently finished its investigation but the findings have not been revealed.
Regardless, it seems a lawsuit is in the works. And from what we know, it might be in FGCU's best interests to settle quickly and make a very public commitment to gender equity. Becoming the Fresno State of the south is probably not one their goals.

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