Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Busy guy...

...that Warren Paboojian of Fresno, California. He represented both Stacy Johnson-Klein and Diane Milutinovich in their Title IX lawsuits against Fresno State--successfully with both plaintiffs receiving either substantial settlements or jury awards. (Click the Fresno State tag for the whole Fresno State saga.)
And now he has a new client, former Exeter High School girls' basketball coach Linda Wachter. Wachter was fired last spring and she believes it was in retaliation for complaining about (the lack of) gender equity. She is also citing a hostile work environment and asking for an as-yet-unknown amount of damages.
Eerily similar to some of the other Fresno State cases, it appears there are some disgruntled players on Wachter's former team. Though they have not come forward with specific allegations against anyone unlike the players who, for example, spoke out against Johnson-Klein at her trial.