Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fresno State adds lacrosse

In need of rectifying the disproportionate amount of scholarship dollars going to men and women, Fresno State has added--rather hastily it seems--women's lacrosse to its slate of intercollegiate sports. The decision was made last winter, and the season starts this spring. The university recruited Sue Behme who had been head coach at Nazareth College (a DII school). Her reaction when they offered her the position: "What, are you guys crazy?"
I thought she meant because, you know, she would never, ever go to Fresno State with its infamous history of sexism. But no, she was referring to the abbreviated timeline for starting--from scratch--a varsity team. The article describes Behme as a "live wire." Not sure how well that will go over in the Fresno State culture. Granted certain leadership positions have undergone change, but the school seems to have some issues with women who speak their minds, or actually just with women generally if you look back at some of the evidence.
I wish Behme and her fledgling team the best of luck. And I am heartened that Fresno State is dealing with some compliance issues. But I think I am going to remain a little subdued in my praise and excitement for now.