Thursday, February 12, 2009

Celebrate (and note the irony!)

Really cool event happening today down in Florida. Florida Gulf Coast University is playing host to former AIAW presidents who will gather for an event in which they will speak about their experiences in the organization and intercollegiate sports.
Merrily Dean Baker will be there. Baker is, of course, not only a former AIAWer but former AD at FGCU and was the author of the complaint that launched the numerous headaches for FGCU not that very long ago. (Click on the FGCU tag below for a reminder of all that transpired.) I'll try not to wax poetic, but it must be satisfying for all those women who did so much for women's athletics to meet in a place where a form of justice was so recently served up. Additionally, just as the women of the AIAW set certain standards and precedents so too have the women who have brought retaliation suits against athletic departments and called attention to the underlying misogyny that remains.
Oh, and my friend Amy Wilson is moderating the event!
So if you're in the area--check it out.
The NCAA will be videotaping the discussion and hopefully it will be available for general viewing at some point.