Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Happy National Girls & Women in Sports Day!

Today is the 23rd annual celebration of National Girls and Women in Sports Day.

Here, via the NGWSD website, are 10 ways to commemorate the day:

1. Buy a basketball, glove, soccer ball or other sport gift for your favorite sportsgirl - send her the message that you think she can play sports.

2. Take your friends and family to a women's sports event - high school, college, or professional sports. [Relatedly, Donna Orender points out that it's the perfect day to support the WNBA!]

3. Watch a women's sports program on television and call the station to thank them for carrying women's sports (so they'll continue to air women's sports programs).

4. Write a letter to your local newspaper editor either asking them for fairer coverage of women's sports or thanking them for great coverage.

5. Buy women's collegiate and professional sports merchandise like t-shirts and hats. It's an important way to advance the economic success of your favorite team.

6. Take someone who has never attended a women's sports event to a high school, college, or professional women's sports game. Introduce others to the excitement of women's sports. Help grow the fan base!

7. Visit your local sports retail store. If they are not carrying licensed merchandise for your favorite women's sports team (college, WNBA, WUSA, etc.), write to the manager to tell him or her you want to purchase this product and you would appreciate it if they would carry it. If they are carrying the product, thank them for doing so.

8. Write to sponsors of women's sports to tell them how much you appreciate their support of women's sports.

9. Conduct a sports clinic for local elementary school girls. Tell each girl why it's so important for them to play sports and how much fun it is.

10. Grade your school on whether it is treating male and female athletes equally. Write a letter to the principal either asking for change or applauding the school's commitment to girls' sports.

You can also find out how your community is celebrating NGWSD by checking out this state-by-state calendar. And you can take the opportunity to support legislation to improve Title IX enforcement at the high school level.