Thursday, February 05, 2009

UAA gets an extension

University of Alaska-Anchorage was prepared for a cantankerous battle with OCR over a gender equity complaint filed anonymously in the summer of 2008. Athletic director Steven Cobbs was not too pleased with the complaint (and a pending OCR investigation) which he thought was groundless. (The specifics--vague as they are--of the complaint can be found in the above link.)
But OCR has given UAA until May to complete its own internal investigation of gender equity including a plan to address inequities that must be implemented by August 2009.
We here at the Title IX Blog have a certain, shall we say, healthy skepticism when it comes to internal investigations, but we know times are tough and Alaska is a long way away (it appears the Seattle office is doing the investigation). And given Cobbs's initial utter disbelief that his department could possibly be in violation, that skepticism remains. The internal investigation team will, of course, be comprised of people both inside and outside of athletics.
I hope they seek a little guidance though. Perhaps Valerie Bonnette's guide, or Bonnette herself, or heck, I would even head out to Alaska to help out--just send me a plane ticket and some shearling-lined boots and I am there.