Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rescinding on the horizon

The Florida High School Athletic Association is meeting (I thought tomorrow but this article implies it is today) and is likely to overturn its own decision to cut varsity sport competitions--except in football and "competitive" cheerleading--by 20 percent.
FHSAA still has pending a motion for dismissal of the lawsuit that Florida Parents for Athletic Equity have filed. But that hearing is not schedule until later this week.
FPAE has said it will continue in its pursuit of an injunction against FHSAA whatever comes from this emergency meeting. Nancy Hogshead-Makar has said the injunction will prevent FHSAA from enacting the cuts in the future, a move she finds plausible given that FHSAA seemed to be motivated toward change only by the threat of litigation.
No word on the emergency meeting on FPAE's Facebook page. The latest update commented on FHSAA's attempt at deeming football and co-ed sport.